Save Money On Water: 13 Advanced Tips

Saving water will save you money. Consider how to get the most use out of water by reusing it.

Much of Australia is currently in drought. Some of Tasmania is in drought and the rest is receiving below average rain fall.
If you are on town water (mains water supply) saving water will save you money. For others, perhaps those living on tank water, saving water may be a matter of survival. Where ever you live, we can all do better at managing this essential resource.

Everybody knows to turn the water off while brushing your teeth, only use the washing machine or dishwasher with a full load… I watched Captain Planet growing up too 🙂 .
I’ve only included the less obvious stuff here. Some of these tips might seem a bit severe, but I guarantee you will save money on water.

1. You don’t need to shower everyday. Too much washing interferes with the natural balance of your skin flora. Shower every second or third day when you wash your hair. Have a quick sponge bath of the important areas on the other days.

2. Put a bucket in the shower to collect the cold water while you’re waiting for it to heat up. This is clean, fresh water you can use anywhere.

3. Shorten your shower. Wash your hair less frequently and turn off the water while you’re lathering. Turn it back on to rinse. Shave with some hot water in the sink instead of in the shower, or with an electric razor. Don’t brush your teeth in the shower. Take your makeup off with a cloth before you get in the shower.

4. Having a bath can save more water than showering. If you have a bathtub, have a shallow bath. Everyone in the family can reuse the same water to wash in, perhaps with some top ups of hot water. Then bucket the water into the washing machine for the wash cycle of your clothes.

5. Bath the baby as close as you can to the laundry room and then empty the baby bath straight into the washing machine.

6. Fill a container with water and leave it in the bathroom sink to wash your hands. Change the water daily and empty into a bucket to for flushing the toilet.

7. If you’re hand washing your dishes, wash them in a plastic tub that fits inside the sink. Use this container to collect water from washing fruit and vegetables. Then add the used water to the toilet flushing bucket.

8. If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down…Or if its yellow, water the compost heap. Urine is a great fertilizer. Only use water that’s no good for anything else to flush the toilet.

9. When you’re getting dressed, throw your socks and underpants straight in the laundry basket. For everything else, look for any visible dirt. If the clothing item looks clean then give it a sniff test. If it passes both tests then it counts as clean!
Hang it back up or drape it somewhere to air. This will really help to save time as well. It also makes your clothes last longer, so you also save money on clothes.

10. A twin tub washing machine, while more labor intensive, will save a lot of water. It’s great for control freaks like me because you can control every aspect of washing your clothes and control every drop of water with ease. Alternately, you can hand wash your clothes.
You can reuse the water from the clothes being spun to top up the washing water. The washing water can be reused if you wash all your clothes in order, from least dirty to most dirty. Then save the water to flush the toilet, wash outside paths or water the lawn, ornamental plants or fruit trees.
Don’t use on vegetable gardens because of the possible (but unlikely) risk of contamination from body fluids.

11. Cooking water from steaming or boiling vegetables, pasta or rice can be used instead of water or stock in casseroles, stews and soups. You can save it in the fridge or freezer until needed. Or let it cool and water your lawn, garden, worm farm or compost.

12. Any time you don’t finish your glass of water or still have some water left in your drink bottle when you get home, use it to water your house plants. Other beverages that aren’t drinkable anymore can be used to moisten your compost or worm farm (allowed to cool first if hot).

13. Never use your own water to wash your car. Give it a regular, gentle dust with a feather or lambswool duster, or a blow with a leaf blower. Then wait until its raining (you might have to wait a while) and get out there with a dab of car wash on a sponge and get cleaning!

Start habits slowly and find ways to remind yourself of how you want to save money on water.

Consider how to get the most use out of water:
First drinking/cooking/bathing/dishes,
then laundry/cleaning,
and lastly toilet/compost/lawn/fruit trees/worm farm/compost.

What are your best water saving tips?


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