Save Money In The Bathroom On Everything – 33 Things I’ve Tried

Try these ideas to save money in the bathroom. Some are easy, some are more extreme.

I’ve tried lots of things to save money in the bathroom. Most of these ideas I use as part of my normal routine. Some are a bit more extreme and while I have tried them, I’ve found them a bit harder to get used to. But, you have to try everything once!

  1. Buy the only two truly proven anti-aging products: a basic moisturizer and a sunscreen. Problem skin is due to your health, not a lack of over-priced skin care product. You really don’t need all the other gimmicky stuff to be beautiful.
  2. Try a natural body moisturizer designed for sensitive skin on your face. Body moisturizer is much cheaper than face cream and does the same job. If the moisturizer is too heavy, wet your face before applying sparingly and it will be effectively watered down. Try different brands.
  3. Use homemade deodorant, and customize your own fragrance.
  4. Wax with homemade sugar wax and non-stretchy rags. It takes practice to get the consistency right, but it works.
  5. Shave with an old-fashioned safety razor. The replacement razor blades cost less than half the price of the cheapest disposable razors and cost much less again than the cheapest replacement heads.
  6. Remove makeup with a soft cloth wrung out in warm water with a little bit of moisturizer or coconut oil.
  7. Use old toothbrushes as a nail brush, for scrubbing out stains, or for cleaning nooks and crannies.
  8. Shower only when you’re washing your hair and sponge bath the rest of the time. Unless you’re in a job where you get dirty or germy, it does the skin no favors to wash daily. Only shower when you’re actually dirty.
  9. Wash your skin with water and wash cloth only. No more soap or body wash to dry out your skin means less moisturizer needed too. Too much washing can disrupt the natural flora that keeps the skin healthy.
  10. Make hand towels or face washers out of old bath towels. Just trim away any holes or badly worn patches, cut to size using your existing towels as templates and serge or zigzag-sew the edges.
  11. Use coconut oil for lip balm, cuticle balm, nipple cream and dry heel balm. Put some in a small non-breakable tub for easy use.
  12. Swap out tampons for a menstrual cup. The initial purchase will be more expensive, but it will pay for itself by 6 months and can last up to 10 years.
  13. Swap sanitary pads for reusable cloth pads. Again there’s the initial outlay, but depending on how many you buy they should pay for themselves by 6 months too. They should last at least 5 years.
  14. Replace your tissues with handkerchiefs. Much softer and prettier.
  15. Clean your toilet with… a tiny amount of plain toilet cleaner. Normal toilet cleaner is just a nice smelling detergent.
    You don’t need stick on gels or tablet cages, bleach or disinfectant toilet products. Your toilet will never be truly sanitary anyway so there’s no need to use harsh chemicals that will get into the waterways.
    Vinegar (while cheap and natural) doesn’t save money either. Consider the fact that while vinegar might cost half as much as toilet cleaner, you only need a tiny squirt of toilet cleaner, while you need at least 1/2 cup of vinegar to make any difference.
  16. Stop using cotton tips to clean your ears. They are no longer recommended. Doctors warn that sticking anything into your ear canal can damage your ear drum. Clean your ears in the shower – let some warm water run in and clean the outside with a wash cloth.
  17. Exfoliate your face with something natural from your kitchen – for blackheads or acne-prone skin try bicarb soda, normal skin try castor sugar, for dry or sensitive skin try oatmeal. Put a pinch into moist hands, massage gently then rinse well.
  18. Exfoliate your face with a face cloth or microfiber cloth.
  19. Try raw sugar as a body scrub.
  20. Clean your bathroom with a homemade spray cleaner or paste cleaner.
  21. Clean your bathroom with only hot water and a terry toweling rag or microfiber cloth. Lots of elbow grease will get your tiles and bathtub shining.
  22. Make “wee wipes”, “pee rags” or “family cloth” – washable, reusable cloth squares used in place of toilet paper. As the name suggests, some people use them just for number ones and some as a complete toilet paper replacement.
  23. Brush your teeth with homemade tooth powder.
  24. Reuse dental floss – we don’t throw away our toothbrush or interdental flosser after only one use, so why not get a few more uses out of floss too? Just rinse and hang to dry between uses. Replace when it starts to deteriorate.
  25. Go “no ‘poo”. Replace your shampoo with bicarb soda or soap and your conditioner with vinegar.
  26. Try the real “no ‘poo”. Wash your hair with water only. Using shampoo dries your hair out, so then you need conditioner to add the moisture back, then the conditioner makes your hair oily and the shampoo makes your scalp produce more oil, so then you need to shampoo it, then the shampoo dries it out…
  27. It will be much easy to wash your hair with only water if you use natural, homemade products in your hair. Try salt water spray for texturizing and sugar-water spray for hair spray (more sugar = stronger hold). Use a tiny amount of coconut oil warmed up in the hands for dry ends or calming frizzy or curly hair.
  28. Launder your bath towels once a week or less. If you dry your towel completely after each use it will stay fresh a lot longer before it needs washing. Find somewhere airy to spread it right out.
  29. Ditch the mop and clean the floor with only hot water and rags. Or use rags safety-pinned shut on your existing swiffer type mop.
  30. Make your own hair bands from old stretchy clothing like pantyhose, t-shirts or leggings. Cut in thin strips and tie the ends.
  31. Make your toothbrush last longer than the recommended 3 months. Sanitize your toothbrush regularly by pouring boiling water over the bristles. And don’t scrub too hard and it won’t turn into a “shaggy dog” so fast. Replace when the bristles actually start to deteriorate.
  32. Use expired sunscreen to moisturize your legs and feet with.
  33. Clean your a retainer or false teeth by using only half a cleaning tablet or just a little bit of toothpaste or tooth powder and a toothbrush.

How do you save money in the bathroom? Which ideas would you never use? Let me know if you have any special tips for me to try!


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