How To Be A Canny Housewife? – My 6 Homemaking Goals

How to be a Canny Housewife? Who is a housewife and what does canny mean?

How to be a Canny Housewife? Well, a housewife is a female homemaker, normally married and often has children. A homemaker manages the home – the cooking, cleaning, organising, buying, making, and often caring for children.

But what does canny mean?


1. careful.
2. astute; shrewd.
3. skilled.
4. frugal.
Chiefly Scot.
5. steady.
6. snug; cozy.”

What a great word!
Canny has lots of lovely meanings that I can use to describe my homemaking goals.

My 6 Homemaking Goals:
1. To be careful in looking after my family and myself – our appearance, eating well and staying physically and mentally healthy.
2. To be astute and shrewd in making the most of each day, being time-wise, organised and planning for our future.
3. To be skilled in the practical matters of homemaking, including cooking, cleaning, sewing, decorating, and entertaining.
4. To be frugal in managing our income so it goes further to pay for the things that are truly worthwhile.
5. To be steady and patient in my disposition, so as to nurture loving and respectful relationships with my husband and children.
6. To create a snug and cozy home, where we can feel warm, comfortable, calm and well-rested.

Of course, my number one priority will always be the well being of my family and I know that I’m not Super Woman and can’t do everything.

I do like that this word has made me consider what is important to me as a homemaker. I think this will be a useful list to refer to when I’m working out where my priorities are (or having a particularly crummy day!).

At the moment, caring for my family is my full time job. So I want to take it seriously and do a good job of it.

I hope to create some SMART goals in the near future (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely).

Have you consciously thought about what is important to you as a homemaker? Do you currently have any goals?




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